Autotube 1.3 - FREE Youtube view, comment, like/dislike, subscribe bot

Are you tired of

-Your videos not getting views?
-Paying money to services for subs, comments, and views that DON'T DELIVER?
-Your business NOT GROWING?

I understand how important your Youtube videos are to your business.  They help you get the word out about your product.  But they CAN'T do that if they don't show up in search results.  Youtube takes into account a video's views when displaying search results.  So obviously you need more views to get more views.  Of course, there are 3 ways you can do this:

1.  Post your video on Youtube and hope that people will find it on their own.  Would you leave your business to that sort of random chance?  OF COURSE NOT!  

2.  Promote the video yourself.  But this is time consuming and doesn't always work.

3.  Software solutions. But these are often very expensive or don't always work. 

Introducing Autotube 1.4. 

This professional-grade, high-quality program can comment, sub, like/dislike your video with multiple accounts, ALL WITH THE CLICK OF A BUTTON, leaving you with more time to devote to the more important tasks in growing your business.

Other programs that do this often demand a high price tag, of up to several hundred dollars.  But you can get Autotube for FREE here:

You will need to do a quick survey, but this is to keep the program exclusive, and so that you can support me so I can release updates in the future.  

This offer WILL NOT LAST FOREVER!  Only a limited amount of copies are available, so act now to boost your online earnings.

Credit to JerZee for bot base.